Who We Are

Owner: Mark Sengelmann

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A native of Columbus Ohio, Mark found his interest in architecture at a young age.  A graduate of Miami University in Oxford Ohio, Mark obtained his undergraduate degree in environmental design.  While at Miami, he studied for a semester at the San Francisco Center for Architecture and Urban Studies.  In 1983 he graduated from the University of Illinois, with a Masters in Architecture.  Several summer courses were taken during his education at Boston’s Architectural Center where Mark’s love for New England architecture and design was heightened.

Since graduating from University of Illinois, Mark has worked for a number of firms across the country, including: David Furman Architects (Charlotte, NC), Phil Szostak Architects (Chapel Hill, NC), Sam Van Dam (Portland, ME) and Portland Design Team (Portland, ME).  This broad band of work experience has allowed him to gain many different perspectives and approaches to his work.

In 1989 Mark founded his own firm, Port City Architecture.  As his firm began to grow and change, Mark felt as though it had become different than he had originally envisioned.  Port City Architecture was sold to his former partner and Mark once again started from scratch, founding Port City Design.  Port City Design kept its same mission statement of serving the smaller clients and being involved in all aspects of the projects. Port City Design changed its name to ALPHAarchitects in 2008.  ALPHAarchitects currently operates from 17 Chestnut Street in Portland, Maine.

Mark is a licensed architect in Maine and Massachusetts. He is a member of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.


Project Manager: Chris Keyes

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Chris has been collaborating with ALPHAarchitects since 2003.  His skills with AutoCAD have been of extreme value to the company and its growth and maturity over the years.  During his time, Chris has done more than manage the CAD department; his responsibilities have ranged from outsourcing engineering, landscape architecture, and interior design.

Chris graduated from Wentworth Institute of Technology in 1997, in Boston, Massachusetts.  He is a native of Maine, where he spent majority of his childhood in Windham, Maine.


Intern Architect: E Paxton Hornbostel