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December 6, 2013: Tony Donovan of the Maine Rail Transit Coalition recently attended a meeting in Montreal regarding the future of rail connections between Montreal, various cities and towns in Maine, and Boston. An article which details the discussion can be found at the Portland Press Herald’s website by clicking here!


More about our Transit Oriented Development (TOD) projects coming soon!

Maine Rail Transit Coalition

Mark is a founding member of the Maine Rail Transit Coalition (see website here). Together with a number of other partners, the MRTC has put together a feasibility study regarding the rail corridor that connects Portland and Lewiston/Auburn. The design of each of these stations along a new transit corridor provides a great opportunity to combine the public and private uses into a vibrant hub of activity. These hubs could include uses such as taxi and rental cars, news stands, coffee stands, hair salons, quick shipping centers, bike rentals, tour bus stations, offices, residential units, etc – as well as connections by rail from Montreal to Boston.

concept floor plan

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Revised Final Site Plan 2-28-13 Station Rendering